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Before placing an order, you have the right to negotiate any provisions of the agrement with the Seller, including changing records of the terms and conditions below. Negotiations in writing should be addressed to the Seller (PRESTIGE, Robert Kotas, ul. Towarowa 14, 42-274 Konopiska, POLAND). The Regulations and the applicable law shall apply in the case of waiver of the contract by the Client. 




1. Shops, and are owned by:


PRESTIGE Robert Kotas

ul. Towarowa 14
42-274 Konopiska
NIP: 5732787367, REGON-Number: 241395167

Bank Account :

Raiffeisen Polbank  PL34 1750 1211 0000 0000 2016 5367



hereinafter referred to as the ‘Seller’.


2. The buyer may be an adult person, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Client’.


3. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day.


4. Entering into a contract occurs at the time of placing an order by the Client. Orders shall be carried out immediately in case of cash on delivery orders, and in case of bank transfer payments or  when electronic payment systems are used shopping will be sent  after we receive confirmation of the payment.


5. The purchased item together with the chosen receipt (fiscal receipt or invoice) will be dispatched with GLS  courier to the address provided in the order form.


6. In the case of any unconformity of a sold article with the contract , the Seller is responsible for two years from the date of purchase in accordance with the Article no 10 of the Law on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale from 27 June 2002 and the applicable law.


7. In the case of unconformity of the goods with the contract the Client should inform the Seller about the unconformity of the product and their requirements in a written form and send the information to the Seller's address.


8. The Client is entitled to withdraw from the sales contract within 10 days from receiving the goods. The Client is entitled to withdraw from the sales contract without providing a reason, according to general regulations of distance contracts.

However, the Client may not exercise their right to withdrawal for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer software which were unsealed by the Client. The Seller will return the money with the interest due.


9. All prices provided by the Seller are EUR, gross/net prices (including VAT). The prices do not include delivery costs (see delivery cost details).


10. The Seller is obliged to protect personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133 item 883) and Act on Rendering Electronic Services (Journal of Laws No. 144 item 1204). By giving their personal data the Client agrees they will be processed by the Seller for order processing purposes . The Client may correct, update, check and cancel their personal data at all times.


11. The Provisions of the Regulations may not infringe the Client's rights. They cannot be interpreted in this way. In the case of unconformity of any point of the Regulations with the existing law, the Seller is obliged to comply with the law in place of the questionable point of the Regulations.


12. The Client will be informed about any changes to the Regulations via email (provided by the Client while registering or ordering). The notification will be sent at least 30 days before the new Regulation shall enter into force. The changes may be required to conform to an amended or new law


13. The current Regulations are always available in the Regulations tab. During the process of placing an order and after the transaction, the Client is bound to accept and obey the points of the Regulations except if the Client considers them less favourable than the current ones and informs the Seller about the choice of the current ones as the existing ones.


14. The Seller guarantees The Online Shop will work properly when using Intenret Explorer version 7 or upgraded, Firefox 3 or upgraded, Opera 9 or upgraded, Chrome 10 or upgraded, Safari with the latest versions of JAVA and FLASH installed, on the screens of 1024 px or more. Using  third-party software, which may influence browser functioning (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari), may also influence proper website working. Third-party software should be turned off when browsing the Shop’s Website.


15. In matters not regulated by the present Regulations, provisions of the law in force shall apply. All contested cases shall be submitted to the competent court of local or subject-matter jurisdiction.



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